Public Housing

The rules and regulations for Public Housing and Section 8 program are determined by Congress and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of both Public Housing and the Section 8 Program is to provide affordable housing to eligible low- and moderate-income families.

When a family applies to a public housing agency (PHA), the PHA will first determine whether the family is eligible to participate in the program. Then the family will be screened for suitability as renters. When a unit of the proper size and type is available, the PHA will invite the family to inspect the unit with a PHA representative. If the family accepts the housing unit, the PHA will enter into a lease agreement with the family. Once approved, the family will pay rent to the PHA based on the family's income.

The public housing program is a partnership between a PHA and a family (you). In order for the program to work, a PHA must assume responsibility for doing the following:

  • review all applications,
  • check all applicants references,
  • place family on waiting list if housing units are not available,
  • ensure that units are prepared for occupancy,
  • explain provisions of lease,
  • collect rent and other charges,
  • perform timely maintenance on all units,
  • inspect all units annually,
  • re-certify and verify families income every year,
  • enforce lease, and
  • comply with building and housing codes.

A family must assume responsibility for doing the following:

  • provide the PHA with complete and accurate information,
  • attend all appointments scheduled by the PHA,
  • provide forms, documents, and signatures by the PHA,
  • take proper care of the housing unit,
  • report all maintenance problems immediately,
  • comply with all terms of the lease agreement,
  • abide by housing rules explained by tenant relations,
  • pay rent on time,
  • where pets are allowed, maintain each pet responsibly and
  • abide by PHA policies and state and local laws.

If you are interested in applying for public housing within the City of Saratoga Springs, the first step is to complete an application. Please click the document and downloads section to the left of this page.  Print, complete and mail the application or bring it in person to the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority (address on General Info page of this web site). 



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